Top 10 Florist Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Florist Tips & Tricks

For a florist to thrive in the business just like any other organization, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind. Such include:

1. Experiment with floral design

This is a crucial point and it requires that you major on the organic popular style of arranging floral but forget about the color wheel and try other different blooms, beautiful foliage, herbs and textures so as to come up with the custom unique design style. For your fall bridal shower ideas, stick to fall colors. 

2. Do away with lily stamens

Stamens are those heavily pollinated stuff found at the lily’s center. Once the lily opens up, immediately do away with the pollen. Take off the stamens so gently trying to make it not touch that lily. The reason as to why you should remove the stamens is to allow for the lilies to last for quite longer.

3. Keep off water from the foliage

As you arrange the vases, ensure any foliage on the blooms is removed and there should not be any under the water line. In case a small piece of foliage is under the waterline, the floral arrangement can be detrimental hence tuned and wilt.

4. Create a grid

The grid will help in holding the flowers as well as making them appear so amazing. The tape grid which is now recommended works best for low containers and short vases.

5. Cut the stems of the flower under water

The more delicate flowers require you to cut the stems below water at some angle. This will aid in water absorption hence the longevity of the flowers.

6. Place on ice the orchid plants

Replace watering the plants with using ice cubes. As the ice melts it gives the plant steady slow hydration hence prevents its drowning. With ice cubes, one is very enough for a whole week unless it’s a larger plant which will need 2 cubes or 3c ubes weekly.

7. Open any flower buds which are closed

So as to open the buds, dip the buds inside warm water and afterwards in cold water. The best tip if doing instantly case showing the arrangement of the open bud.

8. Alum powder

Use the powder to prevent wilting of the hydrangeas. The powder prevents wilting maintaining a gorgeous look. You need to cut that stem of the hydrangea then put the alum powder inside the cut as you arrange your flowers.

9. Crowning glory wax

It’s a spray wax found in almost all flower shops and also it’s among the best secrets for a perfect floral arrangement. The spray wax helps maintain the floral arrangements as hydrated with blooms lasting longer for even weeks. However, never be tempted to dilute this wax using water. This is because it has no benefits. Also, keep the fruits away from the flowers as the gases emitted are not as friendly.

10. Let the flowers take very deep dive

Flowers necessary need much water. Therefore, submerge the whole of the flower inside water whether in a container or a vase such that water gets into each part of the flower. Such helps in results of floral arrangements lasting for longer periods of time.


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